Eucalyptus Oil

Essential Oils – Properties & Benefits

In Purely Organix products we use only the highest quality organic and natural ingredients, with each being specifically formulated to maximise results and work with the natural beauty and freshness of your skin.

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There are around 300 varieties of eucalyptus. It has an aroma that is like a rainforest, sweet and slightly fruity.
We use Blue Eucalyptus which has as strong, woody scent and Lemon Eucalyptus with a lemony aroma.

Eucalyptus oil is great for respiratory health, congestion and has powerful
bacterial and antiviral properties.

Health benefits:

  • expectorant for coughs
  • help clear sinuses
  • useful in the treatment of respiratory problems
  • supports muscle pain and soothes tired, sore muscles
  • deters mosquitoes

Our products:

We use Lemon Eucalyptus in our INSECT REPELLENT to keep away those biting nasties.
BluegumEucalyptus is great in an antibacterial HANDMADE SOAP that your skin will love.