Kakadu Plum Oil

Essential Oils – Properties & Benefits

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Kakadu Plum


Kakadu Plum is a flowering fruit that is harvested by the local people in Northern Australia containing vitamins, antioxidants and many other nutrients.

It is the highest natural source of Vitamin C,
with 100 times more than an orange.

Health benefits:

  • anti-ageing – reverses the effects of free radicals and reduce
    the symptoms of ageing
  • helps in reducing dark circles and the puffiness under the eyes
  • effective remedy for the treatment of pimples.
  • effective in treating many skin infections, including psoriasis and eczema

Kakadu Plum Oil is used in these products:

Try it in a relaxing HANDMADE SOAP with Bergamot Oil
Soothing ORGANIC BODYWASH with natural Bush Honey.
For a gentle body massage or as a beneficial face moisturiser, use our WHIPPED BODY BUTTER with natural Bush Honey.