Lavender Oil

Essential Oils – Properties & Benefits

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This highly versatile oil is best used for its soothing properties.
Derived from fresh lavender flowers it is one of the most well used essential oils.
The scent of lavender can reduce the levels of stress hormones in your blood and benefits your own health and wellness.

Health benefits:

  • soothes occasional skin irritations
  • helps skin recover quickly
  • eases muscle tension
  • helps aid in reducing inflammation
  • relaxes the mind and body
  • help with healing and reduce scarring
  • slow the activity of the central nervous system
  • promote better concentration
  • improve sleep quality

Our products:

For a restful night’s sleep use our SLEEP SPRAY with Chamomile, Lavender and Bergamot.
Try it in a relaxing HANDMADE SOAP and soothing ORGANIC BODYWASH